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Friday, February 4, 2011

To My Fellow Man and Woman

Tonight in Egypt, the army measures the mood of the throng.
Tonight in Saudi Arabia, the princes draw a line:
There will be no demonstrations, they decree.
Tonight in Washington, the leaders equivocate.
Tonight in my house, the dog keeps her careful watch.
Everywhere there is fear of change, of the intruder.
When will we trust that the approaching person is no enemy?
It is as likely that he is bringing food or books as bad intentions.
I will set an example. See? I have removed my hood, my coat, my heavy boots.
This footprint I leave behind is light.
My hope for something better mirrors yours.
Sit at my table won't you, and we will break common bread
and speak the common language of reconciliation.

1 comment:

Harry said...

It's a beautiful thought. Wouldn't it be great if murmurings of peace and harmony could catch root and spread as easily as fear and hatred?