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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bring Me the Head of David Mamet

This guy writes, you know the guy, Mamet, he writes dialogue that sounds like one side of a phone conversation.

Where did he grow up that people -- I'm telling you, listen to what I'm saying -- that people talk like the EL train's roaring by and you only hear part -- it doesn't matter WHICH part, just a part -- and they have to repeat it.

That guy writes, it's all herky jerky, it's all clicky-clackey, like the tracks on an old railroad bed. That guy, the one like a turbine with words, the one they call Mamet, bring me his head.

I don't care if it's still on his body, you ape.

Just bring me his head, that cerebral kiln of hot, ruddy verbiage and cadence -- yes, I said writing you can dance to -- and I'll toast to the rare guy who re-wrinkles my brain.


MDJB said...

That one-sided conversation thing is just one form of writers' cool, isn't it? I agree, it can be too annoying when it appears obvious. And then there's the bit you pointed out of having to "repeat" the unspoken parts in order to make it comprehensible.
Good on you for pointing it out, and if someone delivers his head, let me take a poke at it, too, okay?

Harry said...

So funny you should say writing you can dance to. ;)