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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Kissing Lesson

He was full of American swagger, and like so many swagger-boys, he was not much of a lover. The night we met in the Café d’Azure, a tucked-away bar in Montparnasse, it was 1927 and he was just back from the green hills of Africa and full of his own success both as a great white hunter and celebrated author.

I was supposed to know that he was “somebody,” and when I didn’t, he took me for an ignorant bawd and pulled me to him for a kiss. His mouth was slack, and the kiss was too wet, too fast.

“Here,” I said, “here mon cher, this is how it is done.”

Our second kiss lasted for minutes, and it was slow, starting out soft, growing more urgent by degrees, with heart and heat until our mouths were fucking each other and the whole café was lovesick with envy and all of Paris undressed and rushed into each others’ arms.


Harry said...

I hope there was some tuition paid for this lesson as he seems undeserving of a scholarship. ;)

Reggie said...

I can see you're an excellent writer.